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          About US

          Shandong Beite Heavy Industry Stock Co., Ltd. is Located in Anqiu, Weifang. The location is very convenient in transportation. We are national key enterprise of road construction machinery manufacturer. It covers an area of 200, 000 square meters with floor area of 100, 000square meters and more than 1000 employees. There are more than100 senior and junior technicians with national project experience. The company owns large professional CNC as technical support. The annual turnover is 45 million USD. The main products are LB series of asphalt mixing plant, ZJ series of recycling asphalt concrete mixing plant, Hz(L) series of concrete mixing plant, WCZ series of stabilized soil mixing plant and some auxiliary machinery such as twin-shaft mixer, belt conveyor, screw conveyor etc. Which is widely used in high building, highway, airport, bridge, water resource and hydraulic engineering.

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